Sarah Carey’s Orange Balsamic Chicken

I attempted my first Sarah Carey Everyday Food recipe. I made Orange Balsamic Chicken (for a novice cooker the title alone sounds fancy!). Watch Sarah explain how to make the chicken here!

I love that this dish is cheap, healthy, and can be compiled by foods already available in my kitchen! I agree with Sarah in that this recipe will probably become a staple of mine going forward.

 Although I didn’t make my chicken perfectly I know with a few tweaks I’ll become a master at it. For example, I’ll be sure to put less oil in the pan so it doesn’t kick back up on me.I’ll also be sure to brown the skin more; I was chicken (pun intended) and turn the chicken over too soon.

Despite these small hiccups my chicken was still juicy, cooked through, and most importantly delicious! I paired my orange chicken along with rice and broccoli and felt like it was a well balanced meal. My creation is pictured below:

Thanks Sarah!



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